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Contract/Delivery Methods

Our mission is to work hard for our clients, and keep their best interests at the forefront of every decision we make. Let us show you how we will make a difference in your next project.

Construction Manager at Risk (GMP) 
This is our most common delivery. Reno Building enters into a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contract with the Owner giving them the ability to properly allocate funds and manage their annual budgets or federally allocated funds. We provide "conceptual estimates" based off of very limited design information to help guide the design, so the project stays on budget. It also allows Reno Building and Architect to work hand in hand during the Design Development (DD) or Pre-Construction phase, which assists the Architect in designing to a budget because Reno Building can get them current market pricing.

Lump Sum
Reno Building offers this type of service from completed design documents. It’s imperative to ensure the design documents are complete, so we can provide the most complete price.

A benefit to an Owner utilizing a design/build delivery is that the Reno Building design/build team work in collaboration from the project’s inception to develop the most constructible and affordable building within the Client’s budget. We find a wide range of clients prefer the Design/Build delivery method because they have one point of contact, one contract, and are able to start construction before the design documents are complete.  This can have major financial benefits to Owner because they can potentially occupy the space earlier and start creating revenue.

Cost Plus with GMP
The Construction Manager [CM] and Owner agree to a fee that will be applied to the cost of the work.  The CM will guarantee the maxumum amount of the project costs; which allows the Owner to properly allocate their budgets.