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Pre-Construction Services

One of Reno Building’s most valuable service offerings is helping our clients understand costs before they make any financial commitments. Whether it's design, renovation of an existing building, or a new build — we have the knowledge and industry expertise to identify financial implications.

Conceptual Estimates
The number one question we are asked by our clients is, "How much is this going to cost?".  Before our clients commit to even selecting an architect, the Reno Building team can help them understand the design + construction costs of a conceptual project.  Our expertise in this area is just one of the ways that we earn our clients' repeat business.

Cost Feasibility Analysis
Another service we provide is helping our clients understand the best materials and construction methods for their particular project.  Simple questions from "should the walls be composed of concrete tiltwall panels or masonry?" to more complicated questions such as "should a chill water system be utilized or packaged roof top units?".  Whatever the question for the project at hand, we help get the right information, so the best decisions can be made.

Value Engineering or "VE"
This is one of the most utilized processes in our industry.  However, it has very critical timing, that if not properly managed, can derail a project.

In the VE process, we help the owner and design team select materials that fit within their budget.  This can be done at several stages of the design process, but the sooner the better.  This is why we promote the CM at Risk or Design/Build delivery methods, because we will be involved in the project from day 1, and be able to help provide information to the design team.

In a perfect world, we always try to provide VE suggestions before the architect and engineers finish their designs.  This way we can help reduce the amount of any potential re-design fees.  Frequently, our VE suggestions can be handled through the shop drawing process or with a signed and sealed letter from the engineer of record.  Nonetheless, with our expertise and 40+ years of commercial construction experience, we can help our clients maintain their budgets and keep the project on track.